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IPL Laser Hair Removal Melbourne

Do you feel insecure showing off unwanted body and facial hairs? If yes, you may be in searched for a hair removal clinic that is trusted and tested by many in Melbourne. Fortunately, we can permanently remove unwanted hair through Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment. IPL treatment is a faster and cheaper alternative to laser hair removal. With the advancement of technology, IPL can match the results from using laser. Our clinic uses IPL hair removal system that is approved by Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). We use medically approved machine that provides cooling system for comfort and outstanding results.

You don’t need to worry on unpleasant hair again. Waxing and shaving unwanted hairs are things in the past. IPL hair removal is a safe and effective hair removal procedure. It does not cause damage on the surrounding tissue as it is non-invasive process of eliminating hair structure. It is practically painless because the process does not need physical penetration of the skin. You can see good results after 3 treatments but better results can be achieved through treatment at regular basis.

Our equipment can produce a sequence of rapid pulses in each flash of light. These pulses help more manageable absorption and minimise heating of the surrounding skin. Nearly all hair and skin types can be treated with pulsed light. This light is absorb by the melanin in the hair and it produces a temperature that can permanently stop hair growth.

With our expertise and high-technology equipment, you can experience little to no side-effect. Your skin may become red after a few hours of treatment but it will eventually back to normal. You may notice that your hair somewhat grow back after a few treatment sessions but what is actually transpiring is that the hair is slowly moved out from the follicle.

For convenient and safe IPL hair removal in Melbourne, give us a call right now and we are more than willing to customize treatment plans for you. We provide skin assessment for free for you to know if you qualify for this fast, effective, and affordable hair removal and skin rejuvenation.